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Eyes on Oxford have been providing vision care on Oxford Street in Leederville for over 22 years.


We believe eye care shouldn't be 'one-size fits all', but a personalised experience, tailored to you.


Our optometrists provide Behavioural Optometry care for all ages, including children's vision, neurological conditions, contact lenses, therapeutic care, orthokeratology, sports vision and vision therapy.


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Amma ampoFo

B Optom, Ocular Medicines Prescriber

I graduated as an Optometrist in 2004 in New Zealand and have since worked in several practices. 

I have developed a keen interest in providing Behavioural optometric care and I am also an Orthokeratology practitioner. In 2013 I completed my Graduate Certificate in Ocular Therapeutics. This allows me to prescribe medicines for a variety of eye conditions.
I am enthusiastic about improving visual outcomes for children and adults alike.

Darrell Baker

Dip. Optom (SA), GAICD, Spec cert mnod

I graduated in Optometry in Johannesburg, and later worked in Zimbabwe and the UK, before migrating to Australia where I've now been living for 18 years.

I have a keen interest in contact lens fitting, Orthokeratology, and management of neurological disorders, as well as furthering the profession through my roles as President of Optometry WA and Vice-President of the national board of Optometry Australia. Playing the guitar and participating in sport are a few of my favourite pastimes.

Nicole Brower

BSc (Hons) Optom

I completed my Optometry qualifications in the UK in 1999. Since then I have practised in Northern England, Albany and Perth. I enjoy providing optometric care for all ages, from young adults through to the elderly, including contact lens wearers.

Outside of work I have a busy family life and enjoy bike rides and the countryside.

Michelle beach


Since graduating from Optometry school in 2000, I've attained qualifications to prescribe medicines for the eye, and completed the Masters of Optometry qualification with a sub-specialisation in Specialty Contact Lenses and Behavioural Optometry in 2014. I am also an Orthokeratology practitioner and am passionate about spending time each year providing valuable eye care to remote communities in WA.


annmarie bishop

acbo accredited vision therapist


I have been employed at Eyes on Oxford since 1997 and began studying to be a Vision Therapist in 1998.

In 2003 I was part of the inaugural group of vision therapists to receive accreditation in Australia.

I enjoy being able to help people of all ages improve their quality of life through vision therapy.

stephen leslie


I am passionate about providing Behavioural optometric care for people with learning-related vision difficulties and vision problems as a result of acquired brain injuries and conditions including Multiple Sclerosis and Parkinson's.

I also have a keen interest in sports vision, and was a sports vision consultant for the Australian Institute of Sports mens' and womens' hockey squads, and a volunteer optometrist at the Sydney 2000 Olympics and 2006 Melbourne Commonwealth Games.

karen miller



I graduated as an Optometrist in the UK in 2001. Before moving to Australia over 10 years ago, I worked in several optometry practices in Scotland and England.

I've since travelled around Australia working in both regional and city areas, before settling in Perth. I have always enjoyed working with children and formally developed skills in this area in 2010, completing my diploma in Behavioural Optometry.

Liz Wason


I graduated as an Optometrist in 1978 and established practices on the Sunshine Coast and in Gympie, before moving to WA.

I went on to become a Fellow of the Australasian College of Behavioural Optometrists and work intensively with visual processing and visual function development in children and adults. Through my work in the management of the ocular and visual effects of Parkinsons' disease, I am now proudly an Honorary Optometric Adviser to the Parkinsons' Association of WA. I was also a volunteer optometrist at the Sydney 2000 Olympics and 2006 Melbourne Commonwealth Games.