Back to school, back to work, back to reality!

Kids New Year 2018


Now that 2018 is in full swing, it's time to get your eyes ready for the year ahead!

Check their eyes so they can dot their i's.

We know that for a child to perform at their best, their eyes need to as well. That's why an examination at the beginning of a school year is important to ensure their vision is developing as it should. With vision responsible for 80% of learning it's crucial that their vision is up to to the task of the year ahead.

Will your eyes work harder than you this year?

Our vision changes throughout our lives, particularly as we hit our forties. Even a small change in vision, uncorrected, can make everyday tasks frustrating.  Feel like your eyes are working overtime? We can help you find an eyewear solution so you can see more clearly and comfortably.

Kari Shelton