Four ways to care for your eyes this hay fever season


It’s that time of year, when hay fever is in full force! Help ease your allergy symptoms this Spring with the following tips:

  1. Use preservative-free lubricant drops to help provide some relief for your eyes. There are also a number of effective over the counter drops for allergies, however, it’s best to consult an optometrist to check what option is best for you.

  2. Avoid wearing contact lenses when the pollen count is high or in particularly dry or dusty conditions.

  3. Wear sunglasses to help protect your eyes from pollen and dust circulating in the air.

  4. Make use of air filtering systems at home or in your car.

If your eyes need some extra help this hay fever season, get in touch with us to see one of our optometrists.

Kari Shelton